Sarno: No Outside Search for Next Police Boss

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno says he will not conduct a wide search to find the city’s next police commissioner.

The contract of the current police boss, Bill Fitchet, expires thus summer. Sarno says he will hire one of Fitchet’s three deputy commissioners to fill Fitchet’s “big shoes.”

it sends an important message – not only to the residents and the business community in terms of continuity – but also to the rank-and-file, that if you work hard and you have the right vision and the right goals to meet to make the city a safer and clean place, you have the opportunity to rise in the city of Springfield,” Sarno said Friday.

Sarno’s decision to only look at candidates from inside the police department drew criticism from City Councilor Bud Williams. Williams told the Republican newspaper that he was “flabbergasted” Sarno would not take the opportunity to  see what other candidates are available.

Sarno says he’ll make a decision before Fitchet’s contract expires in June.