Whipple Gets Nod as New/Old Coach for UMass Football

UMass Amherst on Tuesday morning will announce Mark Whipple as the school’s next football coach.

Whipple is a throwback to more successful but less ambitious days of UMass football, when the university played in a lower division but won more often.

Two years ago, UMass gambled with a jump to college’s top level – the football bowl subdivision, hired coach Charley Molnar and flopped to just two wins in 24 tries.

Molnar was fired in December and a rather rapid search has led to the re-hiring of Whipple, who led UMass to the 1998 division I-AA championship and collected a 49 and 26 record. He left in early 2004 for a coaching job with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Whipple was let go from his most recent gig – as quarterbacks coach for the Cleveland Browns – a year ago when the team brought on a new head coach.