UMass Re-hires Mark Whipple as Football Head Coach

UMass Amherst formally announced Tuesday it’s hired former coach Mark Whipple to once again lead the football team. 

Whipple last coached UMass ten years ago, and has since been part of three NFL teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers when they won the Super Bowl in 2006. He takes over the team from Charley Molnar, who was fired last month. Under Molnar, the team played its first two years in the top division of college football, but won only two games, and struggled with attendance. Whipple says he’s up to the challenge of turning the team around.

“I’m ready to solve the problems, and I think I’m good at it,” Whipple says. “People have told me I’m good at it, however I do it, so I’ll try to bring a little bit more expertise, and a little bit more knowledge and savvy than I had ten years ago.”
Whipple’s contract is still being finalized, but Atheletics director John McCutcheon says Whipple will be signed for five years, with a base-pay of $250,000 a year. Former coach Charley Molnar is still owed over $800,000, which McCutcheon says will be paid through private funds.