Bipartisan Agreement that Mass. Rep. Henriquez Should Resign After Conviction

There’s bipartisan agreement on Beacon Hill that Rep. Carlos Henriquez should resign. The Dorchester Democrat was ordered to serve six months in prison after he was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Gov. Deval Patrick and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo urged Henriquez to step down right away.

“Based upon the conviction today, on an offense which I consider to be extremely serious and the members of the house consider very serious, I am asking Carlos Henriquez immediately resign from his position as representative of the House,” said DeLeo.

DeLeo says he will refer the case to the House Ethics Committee, which could lead to Henriquez’s expulsion.

The first calls for Henriquez to resign came from Republicans.

“This was a domestic violence case that got out of control and we believe very strongly when someone commits this type of act that you should be found guilty, one, and two, that you should be stepping down,” said Rep. Brad Hill, the House Minority Whip.

Convicted politicians are not required to resign. Calls to Henriquez’s office were not returned, but his attorney has vowed to appeal.