An Opponent for Markey

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Ed Markey picked up a Republican challenger Wednesday. Brian Herr is a Select Board member from Hopkinton.

Markey was just elected to the senate in a special election last June, and must face voters again this year to win a full 6-year term. His first announced opponent is Brian Herr, who works for a company that distributes construction products. He ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2010, but says he’s learned a lot since.

“I was trying to run it like a business. It isn’t exactly like a business. I get that now. I understand that now,” Herr says.

Emphasizing moderate views, Herr says he’d support a law allowing undocumented immigrants a way to – eventually – become citizens.

Pressed on how he’d vote differently than Markey, Herr says he “most likely” would’ve opposed Obamacare. And he criticized Markey for declining to vote yes or no during a committee hearing on military force against Syria. Herr says Markey’s indecision was a “great disservice” to the residents of Massachusetts.

“He asked for the job. He got the job. And he shows up and votes present,” Herr says. “That is not the job.”

At the time of that committee vote, Markey said he would choose a position after further research. But in the end, the Senate never voted on the Syria resolution.

A spokesperson for Markey did not answer requests for comment about Herr’s criticism or his candidacy.