DeLeo’s Task Force Issues Gun Law Recommendations

A new report from a Massachusetts task force is recommending tougher gun control laws.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo appointed the task force following the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The gun task force issued 44 recommendations on Monday. One is for a uniform set of gun licensing requirements. Right now, permitting rules are different from town to town.

Another recommendation is for all gun sales between private parties and at gun shows to go through licensed dealers, so they can run background checks.

The panel rejected Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposal to limit purchasers to one gun per month. David Hemenway is a Harvard economist and member of the task force.

“Who needs one gun per month laws are states which export crime guns and that is not Massachusetts,” Hemenway says. “We are an importer of crime guns.”

Jim Wallace of the Gun Owners Action League denounced the report.

“It does not anywhere mention the abject failure of the Massachusetts gun laws to decrease crime,” he says.

DeLeo says the recommendations will be the basis for new gun control legislation. He says the House will take up the bill by this summer.