As Storms Keep Rolling In, Connecticut’s Governor Worries About Salt Shortage

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy says a number of communities and the state are facing a road-salt shortage. Malloy says Connecticut expects a salt delivery within the next day or two, but he notes more snow is forecast for this weekend.

“We will have a reserve for one storm,” Malloy says. “Under normal conditions, that would be fine. but we’re being told by the salt suppliers that they’re not locating additional salt, so that’s the problem.”

Malloy says he plans to declare a state of emergency and ask the White House and federal officials to help locate additional salt.

The shortage is a nation-wide problem. With so many storms this winter – some even hitting the south – demand is so high that salt prices are skyrocketing.

Meantime, Malloy says non-essential Connecticut state employees should show up to work on a one-hour delay Friday.

The Connecticut Radio Network and the Associated Press contributed to this report.