Gov. Patrick: Not Going To ‘Hand Scalps’ To The Public When Dealing With Crises

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says he’s not going to “hand scalps to the general public” when dealing with problems in his administration.

At the start of his final year in office, Patrick has faced crises with the state’s failing health insurance website, and at the Department of Children and Families over a missing 5-year-old boy.

Patrick says in any large organization there are always going to be things that go wrong.

“I think what we have done and what we have shown is that we come at these issues soberly,” Patrick says. “There is so much pressure to panic, to hand scalps to the general public, to sensationalize issues. We gather facts. We put in responsive and responsible solutions.”

Patrick has so far resisted a call from Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker to fire the head of the state’s Department of Children and Families. The governor says Commissioner Olga Roche has spent her career working on these issues. He calls firing her a “stupid [suggestion] from a management point of view.”

Hear Patrick’s interview with WBUR Boston.