UMass Students Enjoy Their Second Snow Day This Year

Snow is piling up again, in a winter storm that the National Weather Service says won’t stop until Friday morning.

Schools across the state are closed, including the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There aren’t many people walking around campus, but the dorms are still lively. Cameron Engdahl is heading to the dining hall, and talks about his plans for the rest of the day.

“We’re probably going to try to build some jumps on a hill and go sledding,” he says.

Engdahl isn’t the only one taking advantage of his day off. Many students are planning to go outside today to ski, sled, go shopping or even running. But many others are going to avoid the snow and stay inside. Erin Duffey says she’s sick of the weather.

“I hate it and I don’t like the snow and it makes me sad,” she says. “It makes it wicked hard to walk to class and then I have to shovel out my car.”

Luckily for Duffey, she won’t have to walk to class Thursday because there are none.