Snow Brings Extra Challenge To Valentine’s Day Vendors

There’s another storm bound for New England this weekend, but – for most – there’s a break in the snow today. That’s opened up a window of opportunity for the busiest folks on Valentine’s Day.

It’s been kind of a nerve-racking week for Kate Annichiarico.

“You plan and plan and plan for this holiday, but the weather’s the one thing you can’t control,” Annichiarico says. “You think, ‘Okay, if it could just come on Wednesday, it could all be cleaned up by Friday.'”

No such luck for this owner of Mount Williams Greenhouses in North Adams, Massachusetts. But Annichiarico says most people are understanding about delivery delays – and some offer to pick up instead.

“It hasn’t been quite the nightmare I thought it was going to be,” Annichiarico says.

Over in the lower Pioneer Valley, Angela Grout owns Agawam Flower Shop. She says the snow got cleaned up just in time for her trucks to hit the road.

“The biggest issue were running into is sometimes people aren’t home, and it’s a little too cold to leave them at the door,” Grout says. “So we have to kind of find a little backup for that.”

Of course, Grout says, cold February 14ths aren’t unique to this year.

And she planned ahead in case schools were closed – and many are – getting back-up addresses for those teacher-bound bouquets.