Combination Of Snow And Ice Can Cause Roof Damage

With another storm heading towards the region Thursday night, homeowners have more than just icy roads to worry about. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for southern New Hampshire and western Massachusetts. But this time, it’s predicting a mix of sleet and freezing rain. Which, on top of roofs already piled high with snow, can cause leaks and in some cases entire roofs to collapse. Brian Rudd is the owner of Vista Home Improvement in Springfield.

“If you have three feet of snow on your roof with a lot of moisture content in there, the weight is unbelievable,” Rudd says. “You could have the weight of three cars easily on your roof when you add up all of the cubic snow that are actually on that roof.”

Rudd says he’s been getting calls about leaky roofs almost every hour, and he thinks there will be even more problems after Thursday night’s predicted ice and rain storm. He says his advice is for homeowners to remove the snow now, instead of waiting until something goes wrong.