Mass. Auditor Finds Issues At Hampshire Superior Court

A report by the Massachusetts auditor raises questions about the security of evidence at Hampshire Superior Court in Northampton.

The audit reveals the clerk’s office does not keep a central evidence log, instead relying on individual case files to keep track of exhibits. In his reply, clerk Harry Jekanowski questions the need for a log. He says that would be quote-“unnecessary and duplicative,”–and says the current method has worked for his 30-years in the office. Auditor Suzanne Bump takes issue with that statement.

“It has always been this way so why would we think of doing things differently? That’s something that really needs to change. Technology has to play a bigger role and so does strict accountability,” Bump says.

The audit also found court case evidence, such as guns, drugs and cash–is stored in a locked cabinet inside an open storage room within the clerk of court’s office, with the key to the box nearby. Clerk Jekanowski says he has requested a safe from the Trial Court.

Read the Hampshire Superior Court audit by New England Public Radio