Auditor Bump: Gaming Commission Should Follow State Agency Spending Rules

Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump says she believes the state Gaming Commission should be adhering to the same spending practices as other state agencies. Bump’s comments followed a Boston Business Journal report that the gaming commission spent nearly $15 million in travel, lodging, meals and other expenses in less than two years.

The report describes some of the expenses as lavish and at much higher per diem rates than other state agencies. Commission Chair Steve Crosby says the panel will seek an independent review of its practices. But he defends the spending, claiming the funds came from casino applicants and that no taxpayer dollars were involved. However, Auditor Bump says the source of the revenue is irrelevant.

“All agencies should be holding themselves to the same levels of accountability and that they should be engaging in the prudent expenditure of funds that are being spent in the name of the public good. So it doesn’t matter where he gets his money,” Bump added.

Bump, who was in Springfield Monday, says her office will conduct a review of the commission’s spending within the next year as part of its regular auditing of state agencies.