Mass. GOP Platform Causes Party Strife

The Massachusetts Republican committee voted last night to adopt a more conservative platform on abortion and gay marriage, setting up a clash with two of the party’s leading candidates.

The new platform calls every instance of abortion “tragic” and includes the line “traditional marriage strengthens society.” The Platform Committee chair, Amy Carnevale, says she supports the changes.

“It’s not a perfect document but it represents a compromise between all sides of our party who have strong views on these difficult issues,” Carnevale says. “They are difficult issues and we struggle with them.”

The document puts the Republican State Committee at odds with candidate for governor Charlie Baker and congressional hopeful Richard Tisei. Tisei is gay and married, and says he’s disappointed with the platform.

“I think the Republican party should be leading the way in getting government off our backs, out of our wallets and away from our bedroom,” Tisei says. “And I think the majority of the people in the state share those views and the party hierarchy would be wise to adopt platforms that promote those values.”

Baker refused to be interviewed but his campaign sent out a statement saying, “Charlie is pro-choice and is a strong supporter of marriage equality.”