Pushing Minimum Wage Hike, Obama Travels To Frequent Presidential Stumping Ground

President Obama traveled to New Britain, Connecticut, Wednesday to push for a higher minimum wage. The city of 73,000 has been a magnet for presidents.

IN-DEPTH: Like Many Presidents Before Him, Obama To Visit New Britain, Conn.

The mayor of New Britain, Republican Erin Stewart, has taken flack for her excitement over the president’s visit. So, at Central Connecticut State University, she got a shout-out.

“Another proud CCSU Alum: Erin Stewart,” Obama said. “Your mayor is here.”

The last presidential visit here came in 2003 from George W. Bush. He also stopped by in 2001, crediting then-U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson.

“She’s so powerful, she said, ‘Mr. President, you make sure you come to my hometown if you’re coming to Connecticut,” Bush told the crowd. “I said, ‘Yes, ma’am.'”

And, in 1987, Ronald Reagan dropped some charm on the Hardware City.

“Well, it’s just that New Britain is the place to be,” Reagan said to applause.

Harry Truman visited in 1952, and gave an impromptu piano performance. And in 1944, according to the Franklin Roosevelt Library, FDR saw New Britain – though only as his train rolled through town.