Wood Pellet Demand Remains High As Winter Continues Into March

As wintry weather continues into March, wood pellets seem to be in short supply across New England.

Wood pellet stoves are used as a secondary heat source for homeowners. Since the end of February, many retailers have sold out of their shipments in a matter of a few hours or days. Many non-traditional pellet retailers, such as box and grocery stores, have stopped carrying wood pellets.

“So there’s fuel available,” says Vicki L’Abbee, manager of Bernardston Farmers Supply. “It’s just that half of where people get them from have stopped carrying it.”

L’Abbee also says traditional pellet retailers are getting an influx of orders from new customers. Although many pellet retailers agree the cold weather is good for business, they advise consumers to buy their pellets in advance of next year’s winter season.