Don’t Get Too Used To The Warm Weather

More snow is on the way to New England.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch that includes most of Vermont, New Hampshire, and northwest Massachusetts. It lasts from Wednesday to Thursday morning.

Meteorologist Charley Foley predicts the storm will start as rain, then transition in “heavy wet snow” by Wednesday night. Foley expects the storm will slow down commuters a bit.

“Thursday morning could be problematic with the snow still falling down but again, this storm is well-advertised so I imagine that the road people will be out there treating and plowing the roads, if needed,” Foley says.

Foley also says the snow will stop falling by Thursday afternoon.

Franklin County, Massachusetts is expected to get four to eight inches on Wednesday night and Thursday. The forecast calls for seven inches or more in northern Berkshire County. Hampshire and Hampden counties are not included in the winter storm watch, but are expected to get some snow.