Holyoke Mayor Calls On State To Appoint Receiver For Soon-To-Close Geriatric Authority

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse is requesting that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley place the city’s financially-troubled Geriatric Authority under state control.

Late last week state public health officials approved a plan to close the nursing home by mid-May. But Morse says it doesn’t enough resources to continue operating that long.

“The Authority no longer has a food vendor, and only has food for the next two to three weeks. Even with the infusion of cash coming from Medicare, they are only able to make payroll for another three to four weeks. They have lost their vendor that provides physical therapy, which means that patients who need this treatment are currently not receiving it,” he added.

Morse says state receivership would ensure that patients continue getting quality care and assistance in locating new facilities, as well as keeping staff paid. The Geriatric Authority is scheduled to meet Wednesday. Morse says if the authority tries to take out a private loan to continue operating, the move would be illegal. Moreover, he says, the authority doesn’t have the ability to pay back the loan.