Morse To Address Holyoke Geriatric Authority In Place Of ‘State Of The City’

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse was supposed to deliver his State of the City address Tuesday night. Instead he’s called a special City Council meeting to talk about the closing Geriatric Authority. Last week, Morse called on the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office to take control of the financially-troubled nursing home as the city works to shut it down. Morse says the Attorney General’s office hasn’t responded to that request, but he says he’ll keep pushing for state action, “so that the city doesn’t have to call in a couple weeks and say ‘there literally is no food,’ or ‘we haven’t been able to pay payroll,’ or things like that,” says Morse.

“We just want to have a proactive conversation with the state. They have been cooperating and working with us to transition those residents each day to different nursing homes,” he says. “But again, we have to make sure that we get this right, and as mayor, we need to make sure I’m working hand in hand with the City Council on getting this done.”

A spokesperson for the Attorney General says the office is aware of the pending closure, and is monitoring the situation closely. Morse’s State of the City address is re-scheduled for April 1st.