Chicoppee, Mass., Must Find New Police Chief, According to State Commission

Hiring a new police chief is now on the to do list for Chicopee, Mass., Mayor Richard Kos.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission has ruled that former Mayor Michael Bissonnette failed to make an impartial decision free of political bias when he appointed Thomas Charette as Chief of Police in June 2013. The hiring came during Bissonnette’s unsuccessful campaign for re-election.

The Civil Service Commission’s decision comes less than a year after Chicopee Deputy Police Chief William Jebb appealed to the state, he was bypassed for the top police job for which he has seniority and is more qualified. Bissonnette said in testimony that during his 2005 mayoral campaign, he suspected Jebb of leaking information about his criminal record dating back to the 1980s.

Charette, meanwhile, remains at the head of the force as Acting Police Chief.