Connecticut Poised To Vote On Miminum Wage

Today the Connecticut House and Senate are slated to vote for Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposal to hike the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2017, the same wage increase suggested by President Barack Obama.

If Connecticut passes the minimum wage hike, as expected, Gov. Malloy says, Connecticut will be the first state to do so. In Congress, Republicans refuse to bring up a federal minimum wage bill, claiming it will cost jobs.  Governor Malloy sees things differently.

“All’s we’re trying to do is get back to a place where somebody working forty hours a week at a job is not living in poverty. Give me a list of Republicans who are advocating that people should work forty hours a week and live in poverty,” Malloy says.

Under the bill, Connecticut’s existing minimum wage of $8.70 an hour would rise in steps to $10.10 hour by the year 2017.

Business groups oppose the move, saying it would make the state less competitive with other states.

The  Associated Press contributed to this story.