Health Care Open Enrollment Ends Monday, But Many New Englanders Can Get An Extension

Monday is the final day of open enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. But because of website problems, many applicants in New England have an extension.

Last week the Obama administration announced that applicants who’ve run into trouble with the federal health insurance website have an extra two weeks to finish their applications. Check a box, and you’ve got an extension. Massachusetts is taking the same approach on the problem-plagued Health Connector site, as is New Hampshire. The new enrollment deadline for those systems is April 15th.

Vermont is also allowing applicants who’ve run in to technical problems to enroll after Monday’s deadline. But according to a spokesperson for the state’s exchange, Vermont isn’t setting a strict due date for residents to finish enrollment.

Meanwhile, Connecticut’s site is still holding firm to the deadline. Access Health CT is among the best performing in the country.