Whately’s Jonathan Edwards Drops Out Of Race For Lieutenant Governor

Jonathan Edwards has ended his campaign for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. The Whately selectman was the only candidate from the western part of the state. He says he decided to drop out of the race because of health concerns with his back, not lack of support.

“I feel very badly about dropping out of the race because I had a tremendous amount of momentum here in western Massachusetts and across the state and I was serving as a critically important voice for this part of the state,” he says.

Edwards says the only difficult thing about being from western Massachusetts was commuting such long distances to campaign around Boston.

“Driving, spending four to five hours a day in the car,” he says, “you just can’t get anywhere quickly.”

Edwards raised far less money than some other candidates for lieutenant governor, but he says he believes his opponents visited western Massachusetts more than they would have if he hadn’t been in the race.

Edwards at this point is not endorsing another candidate.