What’s The New Police Commish’s Plan For Springfield?

The soon-to-be police commissioner of Springfield will face residents directly Monday night, as he lays out his strategy for policing the city.

Deputy Chief John Barbieri will take over the Springfield police starting in June. Now, he’s due to share his plan for scaling back crime in the largest city in western Massachusetts. Barbieri offered a preview last month after he was picked for the job.

“If my vision is successful, it will involve mutual collaboration to improve the conditions in this city to affect fear of crime, crime and the conditions that foster crime,” he told reporters.

He praises the work of retiring police commissioner Bill Fitchet, but Barbieri says the department needs to modernize and “professionalize,” and collaborate more with businesses and community groups.

On Monday, he’ll show off his PowerPoint skills in a half-hour or more public presentation at Van Sickle Middle School, then answer pre-submitted questions that have been screened by Mayor Domenic Sarno’s staff.

Last week Barbieri inked a 5-year contract for the commissioner’s job. He’ll start at $167,000 a year, with 42 vacation days.

New England Public Radio’s Kari Njiiri contributed.