UConn Celebrations, From Kentucky Pie To Busted Windows

Fresh off UConn’s men’s basketball national championship Monday night, the school’s women’s team takes its shot at the title Tuesday night.

Everybody loves a winner, and being associated with one. On Capitol Hill, Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal boasted of “a huge and joyous triumph, felt throughout Connecticut and in fact throughout the country.”

Blumenthal and fellow senator Chris Murphy won a bet against Kentucky’s senators. They’ll get pie. Connecticut’s governor got a selection of Kentucky bourbons.

A bit rowdier than the Senate floor was the UConn campus, with 35 arrested, including 20 students. University spokesperson Stephanie Reitz says most offenses were minor with little damage. Still, there was this:

“One or more individuals took one of our light posts and used it to smash a window in a building,” Reitz says.

Reitz says police are on the job again tonight as students rally for the men’s team, and then cheer on the women.

“We generally have not had the same sorts of level of post-game activity after women’s championships as we had last night after the men’s championship,” she says.

UConn’s women’s team is aiming for its ninth national title over two decades.