Brush Fire Season Continues Across Massachusetts

Typically April in Massachusetts sees the most brush fires of any month the year. Despite following a winter with above normal precipitation, this April has been no exception, as fire crews have been busy fighting outdoor blazes.

In a 24-hour period this week, there were more than 60 brush fires across Massachusetts, scorching about 40 acres. Dave Celino is the chief fire warden for the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. He says conditions have been ripe for blazes like these.

“Even though we did had a pretty good winter, it can become very dry, very quickly for us out there in the forest before things green up,” Celino says. “The last few days were great examples of how flammable these dead, dormant grasses and leaf litter are.”

Celino says most brush fires in New England are caused by humans: like from cigarettes, campfires and the permitted burning of yard waste. The National Weather Service says midweek rain will lessen the risk for a few days. But drier, windier conditions are expected to return this weekend–along with the potential for more brush fires.