Coakley: No Prediction On Outcome Of High Court Decision on Anti-Casino Ballot Petition

Massachusetts Attorney-General Martha Coakley says she won’t predict how the Supreme Judicial Court will rule on a proposed ballot petition to repeal the state’s casino law.

Coakley’s comments come after the state’s highest court took up oral arguments Monday over her decision last year declaring the ballot question unconstitutional. Coakley says her decision was based on good arguments, but expects the court decision will be a close one.

“I do think that they will take into account factors that may go beyond what our determination was based on back in September at the time we made the decision. But it’s a thorough court, it’s a transparent court. Whatever they decide they will explain why and I think  people will accept decision,” she says.

When asked how she would personally vote if the court allows the measure to go before voters, Coakley says she would choose not to repeal the casino law. A ruling in the case is expected by summer, and Secretary of State William Galvin says he must know by July 9th what questions are moving forward to the November ballot.