The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Three months from today, according to the hopes of many lawmakers, Governor Deval Patrick will have signed or be on the verge of signing bills raising the minimum wage, overhauling unemployment insurance, updating election laws, combating domestic violence, fixing underground natural gas leaks, regulating the drug compounding industry, reforming welfare system laws, ensuring the safe disposal of mercury, reducing gun violence, opening up more opportunities for job creation, and authorizing scores of public works projects.

And today, before the state’s highest court, attorneys will argue for and against Attorney General Martha Coakley’s decision to rule ineligible for the November ballot a proposed initiative petition that would repeal the casino law. The stakes here are high for all parties involved, including legislators and Governor Patrick who want to launch a new industry, potential licensees who hope to operate the casinos, and voters who may hope to be heard on the issue.

Also today the high profile trial of  Former Probation Commissioner John O’Brien, former First Deputy Commissioner Elizabeth Tavares and former Deputy Commissioner William Burke III begins. The group is being charged with an alleged scheme to surreptitiously skew the Probation hiring process to benefit politically connected applicants.

For Susan Kaplan’s conversation with Matt Murphy about the week ahead on Beacon Hill, click the audio player above.