Federal Subpoena Sparks Springfield Review of Construction Contracts

After receiving a federal subpoena, Springfield’s attorney says the city is reviewing its contracts with an Agawam-based construction company.

Springfield solicitor Ed Pikula says the city is looking for any irregularities in its contracts with the Zielinski Brothers construction company. The contracts were requested by a federal grand jury within the last month, and Pikula says he’s provided them, but has had no other contact with investigators. Zielinski Brothers received $4.6 million for city work, dating back to 2009. City Council President Michael Fenton says the council doesn’t have authority over most contracts.

“We will not condone the use of public funds to show favoritism towards one contractor or another, and to the extent that that’s what these allegations are getting, we’re going to cooperate to the full extent of the law to make sure that behavior is both weeded out and corrected.” says Fenton.

Fenton says he hasn’t seen the subpoena, and without more details, can’t say what the council’s actions around it might be. Zielinski Brothers has referred inquiries to its lawyer, who has not been reached for comment.