A Messy Mass. GOP Ballot Fight Gets Messier

The Massachusetts Republican Party says it wants to end an internal fight over whether a tea party candidate can appear on the ballot for governor. But it’s unclear if the candidate, Mark Fisher, will accept the GOP’s offer.

At the state Republican Convention in March, Fisher says he won enough votes to get on the ballot but says party officials used tricky math to disqualify him. He says the GOP wanted its establishment favorite, Charlie Baker, to avoid a primary.

Fisher is now suing the party. Republican officials are saying Fisher later demanded $1 million in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. They refused. Instead, the party says it will now allow Fisher a spot on the ballot and is calling the legal action moot.

“The goal here is to resolve this conflict so that all the parties can focus on the election and not be distracted by the lawsuit in terms of time, attention or resources,” says Attorney Lou Ciavarra, who represents the Mass GOP.

Fisher’s attorney did not respond to requests for comment. But the candidate plans to make an announcement Thursday.