Official: ‘Jury Duty’ Phone Scam Spreading In Vermont

A phone scam first reported in southern Vermont is apparently spreading. State officials are warning residents to be on the lookout for callers threatening consumers over jury duty.

“Consumers were being told that they had failed to appear for a scheduled jury duty,” says Janet  Murnane, director of the Consumer Assistance Program at the Vermont Attorney-General’s office. “That an arrest warrant had been issued, and that if they didn’t immediately pay a fine by means of a pre-paid card, they would face immediate arrest.”

Murnane says consumers should not send any money but, instead, try to get as much information as possible from the caller.

“If they are able to record the number, if they have any kind of call recording information, to do that; to write down what the caller is saying to them and then to file a complaint with us,” Murnane says.

Murnane says the first such calls were received in March targeting Rutland County residents. She says people in the Burlington are now receiving similar calls. While the number is low, she says her office is taking the matter very seriously because it involves a threat allegedly coming from a government agency.