Holyoke Councilor: Calm Down, Parents. Your Kid Doesn’t Play For The Red Sox.

A city councilor in Holyoke says some parents of little leaguers need a constant reminder that their kid is not yet playing pro.

After witnessing some spectator disruptions, Councilor Jim Leahy created a sign to be posted at ball fields across Holyoke.

“What the signs says is, coaches are volunteers, umpires are human, your son or daughter does not play for the Red Sox,” says Leahy.

Leahy says the City Council passed his ordinance last year and the city put the signs up at three or four parks in Holyoke.

“I’m looking to put them in each one of the baseball fields, softball fields – and I think they should be placed in the gymnasiums, as well,” he says. “Any place where kids are playing sports, and parents and spectators are there.”

Leahy says it’s up to the Department of Public Works on whether to post more signs. No word yet from Mayor Alex Morse’s office.