No Formal Recommendations Yet From Massachusetts Opioid Task Force But A Document Is Taking Shape

Nothing has reached Governor Patrick’s desk yet, but the draft document that came out of the most recent Opioid Task Force meeting proposes $1 million for a state wide campaign to educate youth and parents about the dangers of addiction. Almost a $1.5 million has been proposed for an “800 number” that gives  callers real time information about available substance abuse services. And there’s money for more residential detox programs — a priority in Franklin and Hampshire county where there are none.

Franklin County Sheriff Christopher Donelan says currently if someone wants to get help withdrawing in a facility they can’t without leaving the area.

“They basically sit with a counselor or a clinician who makes repeated phone calls to facilities in the other part of the state,” Donelan says, “and they’re continually told to call back.”

Donelan was glad to see in the draft document a proposal that would fund the detox programs that run six months to a year, which he says heroin addicts need, and one specifically in Franklin County.