This Week On Beacon Hill

The Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday is poised to see one of its own, Ralph Gants, confirmed to succeed chief justice Roderick Ireland, which will open up an opportunity for Governor Deval Patrick to nominate a seventh person to sit on the high court.

House Democrats are gearing up to push through legislation calling for a significant overhaul of gun laws, part of an effort to reduce gun violence. Public Safety Committee members faced a Saturday deadline to vote on Speaker DeLeo’s gun bill, and his new job creation bill is also on the move as Economic Development Committee members were voting on it Friday afternoon and lawmakers were put on notice that the jobs bill would move to the floor on Wednesday.

Beacon Hill Democrats have 55 days left to find common ground on an extensive agenda and next week will feel the pull of politics, as the Democratic Party is set to hold its election-year nominating convention Saturday in Worcester. As a warmup, the Democrats running for governor will meet in a debate on Tuesday morning at a Suffolk University TV studio, a day after Suffolk plans to release new poll results. And low-income workers who are pressing to raise awareness of income inequality issues are set to hold protests in Boston, Worcester and Springfield Thursday.


For Susan Kaplan’s conversation with Matt Murphy about the week ahead on Beacon Hill, click the audio player above.