In Springfield, Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues Preliminary Award To MGM Casino

It is a preliminary vote, but the Massachusetts Gaming Commission says it is prepared to issue an award to MGM Springfield to run a casino in the city. That is if MGM accepts both new conditions and also the standard conditions required by the gaming statute.   Among the additional conditions proposed by the commission are requirements around reporting hiring data and mitigating downtown impacts from the massive construction project.

The vote came followed two days of reports by the commission on MGM’s $800 million proposal.  Commission chair Stephen Crosby gave high marks to  MGM’s plan to collaborate with existing attractions and organizations that drive the city and region’s economy.

“None of us will know until time passes whether this is actually a doable proposition, ” he said. “Does, in fact,  a rising tide lift all boats? Can you increase the size of the pie? We don’t know that, but [MGM’s] plans and aspirations and strategies for doing that are as good, I think, as we thought they could be.”

The commission is expected to announce its final decision Friday.