Crews Spend 4th On Storm Clean-Up

Power companies and police departments around Western New England have spent the July 4th holiday cleaning up after a surge of severe thunderstorms that came through the region Thursday.

Storm debris in Northampton, Mass.

Storm debris in Northampton, Mass.

Toni Berlandy of Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) says almost 7,000 customers lost power after trees and power lines came down from winds and lightning. She says most power has been restored after extra repair crews were called in for what she called a major weather event.

“Against a storm like Sandy, this was a drop in the bucket, but it was a very healthy thunderstorm,” Berlandy says. “It’s all relative.”

While some roads were closed from flash floods, local and state officials say no major injuries or property damage were reported. Observers thought they saw a funnel cloud in Sunderland, Massachusetts, but workers from MEMA — the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency — inspected the debris and don’t believe a tornado touched down. MEMA spokesperson Peter Judge says in general, local police departments were able to handle the storm fall-out without state help.

Adam Frenier, Henry Epp, and Evan Basha contributed to this report.