Baker Retreats From Hobby Lobby Comments

Massachusetts Republican candidate for Governor Charlie Baker is retreating from comments he made about the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. That decision allows ‘closely-held’ businesses the right to not include contraceptive coverage in their employee health plans.

“The good news is Massachusetts won’t be affected by the Hobby Lobby decision because Hobby Lobby doesn’t change any of the state laws that we already have here, which I think is great,” said Baker when asked about the decision on a visit to the State House earlier this week.

Pressed for his personal opinion on the supreme court’s decision, Baker said “It doesn’t matter, what I care about is Massachusetts, and for Massachusetts it doesn’t change a thing, which is great.”

All three Democratic candidates for governor pounced, calling Baker out of touch. In a statement yesterday, Baker clarified his comments saying “I have always, and will as Governor, support women’s right to access comprehensive health care”

His campaign also clarified that under the Supreme Court decision, some Massachusetts companies could “hypothetically” seek an exemption to covering contraceptives for employees.