Hearing Held on Conn. Senator Blumenthal’s Abortion Bill

A bill sponsored by Connecticut U-S Senator Richard Blumenthal, which would limit the restrictions states can place on abortions, went before a Senate committee Tuesday.

Some states have put requirements on abortion providers, such as having admitting privileges at local hospitals, and also on those considering abortions, such as waiting periods. Blumenthal, a Democrat, says this bill would roll back some of those laws.

“Our goal is to stop politicians from playing doctor, and stop public officials from interfering in significant medical decisions,” Blumenthal says.

But Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says the proposed law is nothing more than a political ploy leading up to the midterm elections.

“The majority is using this issue to appear compassionate and concerned about women’s rights, when in reality, the bill disregards popular and common sense laws,” Grassley says.

This hearing comes in the wake of two major decisions by the Supreme Court on issues related to reproductive health. One said employers have a right to not include contraceptives in health coverage, and another striking down the Massachusetts buffer zone law, around abortion clinics.