Activists Launch Casino Repeal Campaign In Springfield Ahead Of November Ballot

Supporters of a question on the November ballot that would repeal Massachusetts’ casino law were in Springfield Wednesday to launch what they are calling a grassroots campaign across the state.

Former Attorney-General Scott Harshbarger calls the casino law a failure of public leadership. And he’s disputes claims that casinos would generate economic development for communities like Springfield. He points to Atlantic City and Detroit as examples.

“The cannibalization of small businesses, the diversion of discretionary income that has come with casinos as they absorb the resources. And the owners make money, the state makes revenue, but the communities bear the cost,” Harshbarger says.

Harshbarger  expects the “Yes On Question 3″ campaign will be vastly outspent by casino supporters in the months ahead. But he says he’s confident voters are less likely to support casinos once they get more information.