Where Do Candidates For Mass. Governor Stand On Temporary Shelter For Immigrant Kids?

Candidates for Massachusetts governor are all over the place when it comes to Governor Deval Patrick’s offer to shelter a thousand children who were caught crossing into the U.S. illegally.

Charlie Baker, who touts himself as a moderate Republican, offers a carefully worded comment on the governor’s plan to keep the kids at a military base in Chicopee or one in Bourne.

“I think it’s incumbent on the states to be cooperative with the federal government on this issue given the humanitarian crisis that’s at hand,” Baker says.

But he lays out conditions,

“I think it’s important for the federal government to be very specific with the commonwealth about exactly how it’s going to work, how it’s going to paid for, what the expectations are with respect to how the kids associated with this are going to be transported, processed and handled,” he says.

Mark Fisher, Baker’s tea party opponent, is more definite. He says Patrick’s move will “cause an exodus of freedom-loving taxpayers.”

Also opposed is Jeff McCormick, an independent candidate for governor. The three democrats and independent Evan Falchuk support Patrick’s proposal to house the kids.