Chicopee Leaders Ask For Meeting With Patrick On Immigrant Housing At Westover

Two local leaders in Chicopee want an in-person meeting with Governor Deval Patrick on the plan to potentially house immigrant children at Westover Air Base.

Chicopee Mayor Richard Kos and state representative Joseph Wagner say they want Governor Patrick to come to Chicopee to discuss the controversial proposal. Wagner says the city’s residents need more information on the plan.

“We have not heard the rationale or any of the detail associated with the governor’s proposal, no real level of detail,” says Wagner, adding “I think it’s our goal to inform the citizens that we jointly represent here across this city.”

Westover is one of two federal military bases in the state that Governor Patrick cited last week as possible locations to temporarily shelter up to one thousand children who’ve crossed into the United States illegally. He says the state should help process the children in a setting that is secure, safe and humane. Mayor Kos says he sent the meeting request to the governor on Thursday. Patrick’s office offered no comment on the request except to say it had been received.