Which Candidates For Massachusetts Governor Have Campaign Offices In The Western Half Of The State?

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley plans to open a campaign office in Springfield this weekend. She’s one of four candidates for governor with offices in the central or western parts of the state.

Campaigns open field offices to have a physical presence in a community, to attract volunteers and give supporters a place to pick up lawn signs.

Coakley and fellow Democrat Don Berwick both now have campaign offices in Worcester and Springfield. The third Democrat, state Treasurer Steve Grossman, has no offices in central or western Massachusetts, according to his campaign, but does plan to open some.

Republican Charlie Baker is saving some money by sharing field offices with candidates running for other offices. He has a presence in East Longmeadow, and four offices in central Mass.

As for the independents, Evan Falchuk and Jeff McCormick have no offices in this half of the state, but a third, Scott Lively, does — sort of. Lively is running his campaign out of his Springfield home.

A spokesperson for Republican Mark Fisher did not answer requests for comment.