Sarno Offers Encouragement And Advice To Revere Counterpart In Aftermath Of Tornado

As the cleanup continues in Revere, Massachusetts from Monday’s tornado, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno says he’s reached out to his counterpart in the coastal city to offer support

Mayor Sarno says he was unable to speak directly with Revere’s Mayor Dan Rizzo, most likely because of the damage City Hall sustained in the storm. But Sarno says he passed on some advice based on his experiences from the June, 2011 tornado that swept through western Massachusetts.

In order to get reimbursement from the state and federal governments, Sarno advises, make sure local officials document every cost associated with responding to the disaster.

“Whether from public safety to tree removal; debris removal; costs that are being incurred for personnel costs or OTPS costs,” says Sarno.

Those OTPS costs include supplies, vehicles and gasoline.

And Sarno is urging local officials and residents to remember to keep things in perspective, in spite of the non-stop pace of recovery work ahead.

“No one was killed, thank God, and injuries I understand were limited.”

And structures and infrastructure, Sarno says, can always be rebuilt.