Warren Non-Committal About Westover As A Site To House Migrant Children

Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren would not directly say whether she supports a plan to house migrant children from Central America at Westover Air Reserve base in Chicopee.

Appearing in Holyoke, Warren says the United States needs to do the best it can to help these children out. But Warren was vague when asked whether Westover is an ideal spot to temporarily house up to a thousand unaccompanied minors.

“That’s what the governor, I think, is trying to work through and our federal officials are trying to work through,” Warren says. “We want to find the right space. We want to find a safe space. But most of all, we do have a responsibility, a humanitarian responsibility as the Holy Father says, to take care of these children”.

Last month, after a federal request, Governor Patrick offered either Westover or a military base on Cape Cod as possible sites. Despite assurances the feds would cover all expenses, Chicopee officials voiced their opposition to the plan, saying they were concerned about the impact on their community. Last week, Congressman Richard Neal said the possibility of the children coming to Chicopee was quote “virtually unlikely because of security issues and space for housing.