Lawsuit: Mass. Auditor Used Office For Political Work

Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump is facing a lawsuit filed by a former employee who says Bump did campaign work on the job.

The suit was filed by Laura Marlin, a former top aide to the auditor who says she raised red flags about Bump’s behavior. Marlin says Bump had her staff conduct campaign activities out of the auditor’s State House office – specifically, receiving and distributing campaign-related paperwork there.

Marlin also says Bump told her, this past May, that before putting out an audit on a state agency, she should’ve consulted with the political director of a labor union, which represents some agency employees.

When Marlin objected, the suit says, Bump got angry, “hurled expletives” at Marlin and later forced her to quit.

In a statement, Bump says she wants to respect Marlin’s privacy, but says she had cause to ask her to resign. Bump adds she never asked her staff to conduct campaign work on state time or in state buildings, or let an outside organization influence the independence of an audit.

Bump is up for re-election this year. She faces no opponent in the September Democratic primary.

In November, she’ll face Republican Patricia Saint Aubin, who said in a statement that Bump was “elected to…eliminate this kind of mismanagement, not engage in it herself.”