Connecticut Race For Governor To Focus On Jobs, Taxes, Economy

Republicans in Connecticut this week made their pick for governor. GOP primary voters chose the former U.S. ambassador to Ireland, Tom Foley, to face the incumbent Democratic governor, Dannel Malloy.

It’s a rematch from 2010, but Foley says this year is different.

“People are going to have an opportunity to say, ‘Well, do I think Governor Malloy’s done a good job? Do I want four more years that feel like this, or do I want something new?'” Malloy said Wednesday. “New ideas, a pro-growth agenda, let’s get control over spending, let’s get people’s taxes down and let’s get jobs back here.”

The Malloy campaign was out of the gate with a new TV ad aimed at Foley. The tagline: “Some things never change.”

Jobs, taxes, economy. Expect a lot more of that as the November general election approaches.

(Click the audio player above for a report from WSHU’s Ebong Udoma.)