Mass. Greens Pass On Race For Governor

The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party plans to file paperwork Monday to qualify three candidates for statewide office. But the Greens are sitting out the race for governor.

Green-Rainbow co-chair John Andrews says the party will turn in the last of the more than 5,000 certified signatures needed to get its candidates on the ballot. They include secretary of the commonwealth candidate Danny Factor, state treasurer candidate Ian Jackson and MK Merelice, who is running for state auditor.

Missing from the list is a candidate for governor. Andrews notes that nominating someone for the job would’ve required twice as many signatures. And there’s another reason, too.

“We didn’t really have anyone this time around who really seemed to be wanting to run for that office,” Andrews says with a chuckle. “We just decided to take a little respite from the governor’s race.”

The Greens did have a candidate in the last three elections for governor.

Regardless, Andrews acknowledges his candidates are unlikely to win. But he says they’re raising important issues on the environment and money in politics.

And if any of them get at least three percent, the Green-Rainbows qualify as a recognized political party for the 2016 presidential election.