Marijuana Dispensary In License Limbo After Director’s Resignation

Plans for marijuana dispensaries in Northampton and Brookline remain in limbo, even after the resignation of the head of the company that had been pegged to run them.

Kevin Fisher resigned as director of New England Treatment Access over the weekend, after the Boston Globe reported he did not have a college degree, as he had claimed on his state application. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health — which had put the company’s dispensary license on hold — says it is reviewing the management change before deciding how to proceed. Northampton City Council President Bill Dwight says the state’s process has been frustrating to Western Massachusetts patients seeking medical marijuana.

“What I hope that the state’s priority will be, will be to quickly rectify this issue and license a dispensary — I mean, my preference would be in Northampton, but more importantly, in this part of the state,” Dwight says.

The next closest marijuana dispensary approved by the state is 80 miles away in Milford. FOR NEW ENGLAND PUBLIC RADIO, I’M KAREN BROWN.