This Week On Beacon Hill

Candidates for Statewide offices in Massachusetts are preparing to spend down campaign kitties on expensive ads, readying for high stakes debates and forums, and trying to connect with voters, many of whom are trying to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy summer with family and friends in the three-plus weeks remaining before primary elections on September 9th primary.

They’re also on guard for the blind sides that appear inevitable from super PACS as Massachusetts hosts its’ first governor’s race since the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision that has enabled wealthy interests to have a major impact on campaigns through ads.

As is always the case, turning out voters to the polls will be the greatest challenge for candidates in an election cycle that comes on the heels of a seemingly endless string of special elections and which has so far generated a relatively low public response despite wide open races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and treasurer.

While debates and the natural buildup to elections will draw voters, the campaigns are mindful of low turnout potential, sparked in part by the dearth of contested legislative primaries.


For Susan Kaplan’s conversation with Matt Murphy about the week ahead on Beacon Hill, click the audio player above.