Wednesday Is Registration Deadline For Massachusetts’ September Primary

Massachusetts residents have until Wednesday to register to vote in the state’s September primary election.

Bay State residents who register for the September 9th party primaries will also be eligible to vote in the general election on November 4th.

Amherst Town Clerk Sandra Burgess says residents who’ve never voted before or who’ve moved to another community since the last election must register in the new community by the Wednesday deadline.

“The only exceptions for that would if someone became a new citizen between the deadline and the election. They would in fact be able to come in and register and vote, and vote in the primary. They would just have to bring in their paperwork to show that they just became citizens, and we’ll be happy to register them.”

Election offices will be open until 8pm Wednesday. Those registering by mail will also have to have their forms postmarked by Wednesday evening.

Next year, residents will be able to register online. And starting in 2016, Massachusetts will initiate an early voting period that begins eleven days before Election Day.